Hank & Henry: Two Sides, Same Coin

Like its wildly colourful and creative products, Hank & Henry is making a loud bang in the industry right now. The brand by Henry Vasquez is all about being bold and fearlessly true to yourself through makeup.

Henry took his first steps into the makeup world at the age of 19 by working as a YouTuber and a Brand Consultant – slowly and steadily converting his talent into his own personal brand. Through the immaculate packaging and top-tier makeup quality, it wasn’t long before Hank & Henry took became a cult favourite amongst make-up artists and beauty bloggers globally. So, all you aspiring YouTubers and makeup artists, hang in there, your break is just right round the corner.

Fearless in his approach, Henry has a vivid imagination, and it shows instantly through his love for bold colours – and when we say bold, we mean bold. While the name might suggest that this is a show run by two people, this is all Henry – the heart and soul of the business. Hank as he explains his artistic persona, the Ziggy Stardust to his David Bowie.

So what makes Hank & Henry so extra? Let us count the ways

Like Glu, the brand understands the need for clean beauty. All of their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Plus, it gives a part of its proceeds to non-profit organisations that help animals, people and environment.

Second, their Barn Owl logo. For Henry, the own symbolises unending wisdom and honours his grandmother, Frances Vasquez. Henry holds his grandmother responsible for some of the most important lessons that he’s learnt in life along with the priceless values that she’s instilled in him. Not just a simple logo now, is it?

Third, the products. From head-turning bright pigments, to a colour-palette that oozes pizzazz, all the products have been masterfully created to blend perfectly well, even maybe beyond your imagination, at bang-for-your-buck prices. From eyeshadow palettes and liquid lipsticks to tools and a lot more, Hank & Henry boasts a vast range of products for every occasion and every person

So, now that you’ve read some pretty cool stuff about Hank & Henry, we’ve lined up some of our faves from the Hank & Henry collection for all you #TheNightOwls out there. 

For some makeup inspiration, check out a Dubai-based makeup artist Morgan Tanner (@morgantanner), who created this EPIC look using her favourites from the Hank & Henry collection. 

Living In Color Eyeshadow Palette 

A colour palette inspired by the '90s, this is the first palette of Hank & Henry. It consists of a total of 9 ColorCanvas matte eyeshadows infused with Vitamin E. It also has 4 FyngrFoyl long-wear eyeshadows which will last for up to 12 hours.  If you’ve checked out the video then, you'll see the vibrant blue tones used by Morgan on her upper lid and warm pinks to make all the difference.

LustreVeil Brilliant Pearls Highlighter in Jewel Theif 

This highlighter is formulated with a little bit of sparkle and highest-grade pearls, to give you a glow like no other.  

Lip Aesthetic Liquid Lipstick in Comadre 

Get the whole matte finish without drying your lips with the Liquid Lipstick in shade ComadreIt’s scented with cake frosting, infused with Vitamin E for a moisturised and youthful finish.

Lip Lustre Gloss in Pre$idential 

The Lip Lustre Gloss is scented with spearmint, infused with both Vitamin E and Honeysuckle Flower Extract. It’s got a dazzling effect thanks to the loose pearl formulaThe same way as Morgan layered the gloss over the matte lipstick for a bold ombre lip effect finish.  

So, we’ve got a brand with values and a punch of vibrance in the same package. Hank & Henry is here to make all the difference. Fill up your carts, and get your shine on.  

By Shaikh Fahad 





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