Beauty Of Creativity

Music, makeup and a little whimsy! Allyson Yasmine Sadian mixes these ingredients to serve looks and express herself. The musician and fantasy makeup artist started playing around with cosmetics at 13 and hasn’t stopped since then. “I was very curious about how they make amazing looks and how will it make me very unique,” Ally says.

The young generation just keeps on pushing the boundaries of beauty. They are opening doors for more creativity, individuality and inclusivity – and that’s a positive and progressive thing for the industry. “Beauty starts within ourselves,” she adds. “Acceptance that you can do anything freely in your own will and doing creative stuff.”

Join the #GluTribe and the next generation of beauty now. Ally loves Carter Beauty Mini Blush Palette In Cupid, Girlactik Soft Powder Eyebrow Pencil, Gosh Velvet Touch Lipliner Waterproof 012 Raisen, Prima Lash Dainty D24 and more.

By Glaiza Godinez

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