Skincare Superfoods: Which One Is For You?

to anyone’s surprise, makeup has taken a back seat since the global mask PSA. The same goes for us, we’ve dropped our makeup brushes and started exploring skincare – more so than usual.

Skincare seems like tricky business with multi-step routines that seem more complicated than baking macarons to different formulations and ingredients touting themselves to be the best. But here’s the lowdown – it’s only four steps (cleanse, tone, moisturise and SPF) and your routine should include products that suit your skin type and deals with specific concerns you might have.

Not sure what you should be adding? Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up a few superfood picks that you’ll love.

Look At Me’s Avocado Bubble Purifying Foaming Cleanser

Squeaky clean skin that’s adequately nourished thanks to the moisturising properties of avocado. Ideal for dry skin.

Touch In Sol’s Mission Complete Mild Scrub & Peeling Black Gel Mask

A gentle exfoliator powered by fruit acids to get rid of dead cells and smooth your skin without causing irritation. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Alkemie’s Skin Superfood Superfruit Oil Infusion Elixir

All the fruity goodness in the form of a nourishing serum. Packed with multivitamins to rejuvenate and detoxify your skin. A must-have for dull complexions.

Ella Beauty’s 99% Fresh Bamboo Soothing Gel

Moisture-rich bamboo helps hydrate and cool your skin while reducing irritations and redness. Ideal for dry skin and treating painful sunburns.  

Soo’AE’s Squeezed Lemon Moisturiser

A hydrating face cream that contains lemon to keep your skin feeling fresh and moisturised as the hours go by. Recommended for acne-prone, combination or oily skin.

So what’s your everyday skincare routine like? Do you have a different routine during the day and night? Let us know in the comments below or show us your routine on IG @glowlikeus.

By Neha Prasad

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