The New Wave Of Beauty

Gen Z is changing the world. And not just through TikToks. Youth today are rising up more social, self-aware and using their digital dexterity to keep informed and on-trend both online and in real life.

They’re done with cookie-cutter beauty standards, and instead building a new wave of positivity and diversity. It’s not just about looking great, but more importantly feeling great in your own skin.

For 14-year-old Lea Goliath, true beauty is confidence, and she expresses it through dance. Lea loves fashion, makeup and modelling too. She says: “I like to have fun with everything that I’m doing because it gives me self-confidence.”

Glu has the same brand values. We like discovering the fun in things like makeup, skincare, style and art. Get Lea’s bold look with Girlactik Precise Marker Liner, Crayola Mermaid Eyeshadow Palette, Crayola Face Crayon in DandelionVoCê's Amplify Hair Mist and more.

Stay tuned for more Glu Next Gen series.

By Glaiza Godinez

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