Glu's Guide To Nude Lipsticks

While we love to experiment with any colour that comes our way, there’s nothing more versatile than a perfect tube of nude lipstick!
We’re sure you can pull off any shade you put your mind to, no doubt about that! But picking a shade of nude is no easy business. We’re here to show you a foolproof way of finding your best shades, every single time.
The answer lies in your undertone. You may be wondering why we’re using undertones instead of skin tones. Well, it’s more accurate. Your skin tone can change depending on how much of sun exposure you’ve had, but your undertone never changes. Ever.
The makeup you buy also has undertones. Certain formulations, depending on their colour composition, are more suitable for either warm, cool or neutral complexions.
So, how can you figure out your undertone? There are many ways, but we personally prefer the wrist test.
Look at the veins on your wrist. What colour are they? If they are blue or purple, you have a cool undertone. If they are green or olive, you have a warm undertone. If they are a mix of blue and green, you have a neutral undertone.
We’ve put together a few of our go-to shades based on undertones below. Check them out!
Beauties with Cool Undertones
Nude lipsticks that have a pink hue perfectly complement cool complexions, bringing out a healthy flush. You can also try cool-toned beige shades to switch things up.

Hank & Henry’s Lip Aesthetic Liquid Lipstick in Comadre

Carter Beauty Word Of Mouth Lipstick in Saoirse

Beauties with Warm Undertones
Lippies with a tinge of brown look beautiful on warm complexions, making you glow. If you prefer rosy lips, pick a nude shade with a deep-pink hue.

Girlactik’s Long Lasting Matte Lip Paint Liquid Lipstick in Stripped

Mii’s Luscious Lip Sheen in Indulge

Beauties with Neutral Undertones
You can pull off anything that falls between the cool-to-warm spectrum. Even trickier peach hues work well on neutral complexions. 

Hank & Henry’s Lip Aesthetic Liquid Lipstick in Gang Gang

Glu Tip: Swatching shades on the back of your hand or arm is a good way to see how the colour looks on your skin but the natural colour of your lips also matters. Make sure to try it on your lips to see how the shade would actually look.
So, what’s your shade of nude? Let us know in the comments below or tag us on Insta (@glowlikeus) so we can hype you up!   
By Neha Prasad

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