Let’s Talk Vegan Beauty

Although the concept of veganism has been around for ages, it has been under major spotlight since the last few years, and for good reason. Today, people recognize that we live in relation to the world around us – the animals, the environment, and even the pollutants. They are more aware of the fact that they have the power to change the world, simply by changing what goes in and on their body. This mindfulness is why veganism has now become a lifestyle choice for millennials and Gen Z. With The Economist declaring 2019 as the year of the vegan and social trends such as Veganuary picking up, it’s clear that veganism isn’t just another buzzword or fad. It’s a move to a better tomorrow.

Veganism Meets the Beauty Industry

And it’s not just about diet anymore. This huge demand for all things vegan has caught the eye of many other industries, including beauty. A growing environmental consciousness also means that vegan beauty isn’t just for vegans anymore.

So, what exactly is vegan beauty? Just like vegan food, vegan beauty products have zero animal- or insect-based ingredients inside them. People tend to think that vegan means cruelty-free. But, the two mustn’t be confused. Just ‘cus a product is vegan does not mean it wasn’t tested on animals, and vice versa. So, look out for both these words on labels.

Although animal-based ingredients don’t harm your body, why use them when so many plant-based alternatives like green tea, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, chamomile and more exist? Every time you put on your fave red lipstick, do you really want to be thankful to thousands of crushed beetles?

This is why we at Glu have made it our mission to make clean beauty, including vegan beauty, easily available to you. If shopping vegan beauty is important to you, we've made it easier by allowing you to filter for vegan products – so keep an eye out for the ‘vegan’ icon on each product page to guide you.

If you’re already vegan or are thinking about switching sides, here are 5 #GluFaves vegan products you must try:


 One Serum Single Drop Hydration by 1 Foundation 

This oil-free beauty serum is made of natural and clean ingredients like MultiEx Phytrogen (8 plant extracts), Hyaluronic Acid and fruit extracts, improving collagen synthesis, skin elasticity and helping firm and tone your facial contours. It brightens up your skin, keeping it ultra-hydrated all day long.

Love Your Face Serum by Black Chicken Remedies

Supple skin. Ancient anti-ageing powers. Less noticeable dark circles. Deep hydration and protection for hours. All thanks to a blend of 11 natural essential oils, including vitamin E and evening primrose. What’s not to love? You’ll love your face like never before after using this serum. And if you don't use oils, this one will convert you!


Orale Lip Lustre Gloss by Hank and Henry

Enhanced with pearl effect pigments, the spearmint scented formula creates an ultra-intense sparkle for just enough dazzle. It’s infused with Vitamin E & Honeysuckle Flower Extract for all-day moisturization and softness, minus the stickiness. Wear it alone or over your fave lippy.

Cuprum Tongue Cleaner by Black Chicken Remedies (available soon) 

Made with 100% pure copper, this antimicrobial tongue cleaner keeps your breath fresh and whitens teeth due to less plaque. Done every day, it leads to better oral hygiene and clearer skin (as toxins don’t re-enter your digestive system).

Basics Vegan Lashes 5 Pairs Pack by Prima Lash 

Add some flare to your look with these handmade synthetic lashes. The soft fibers create an elongating shape to add the perfect amount of drama.

Amazing Cleansing Balm by LOOkX 

A cleansing balm that does the job of 4 products in just 1? Amazing, indeed! This luxurious balm can be used as a cleanser, hydrating mask, restorative night mask and as a quick cure for dry to very dry skin. Natural ingredients like organic evening primrose seed oil, apricot oil, murumuru butter, vitamin E and raspberry stem cell extract provide elasticity and leave your skin perfectly clean, hydrated, moisturized and free from impurities.

You can choose to tread lightly on the planet and be compassionate to its inhabitants. It's time you make a change, starting with your beauty routine – for you, and for the planet. Support and adopt vegan beauty. Check out more vegan products and brands right here.

By Surbhi Agarwal, a fellow vegan in the making

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